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Getting to know the Book Bloggers: Come Meet Bookies

September 11, 2011

The Book Bloggers Association is featuring posts from book bloggers, enabling us to get to know each other better, to share our stories, and to talk about what we’re doing. To this end, we invite guest bloggers to tell us about themselves and their blogs. Today’s post features Beccie Weaver, founder of Bookies.


I started my blog Bookies as a hobby to share my love of reading. I honestly figured I would just be recommending books to my family and friends but it has grown so far beyond my imagination that it often leaves me speechless. With over 1,350 followers, Bookies has become my obsession and it gives me a sense of pride.

I followed a few book blogs and book pages on facebook but they were all geared to a certain genre and I wanted recommendations from the whole scope of literature. One day in January of 2011, I sat down at my computer and created Bookies on facebook. I recommend books from all genres as well as suggest books that my fans have recommended. I also give them their props if they have recommended a book and I share it. I feel they deserve the credit since I wouldn’t have thought of most of the books without them. I took a shot at writing reviews and they’ve been received well by the fans. They seem to like that I share my honest opinions. We also do contests periodically, with donations from some well known and new authors.

I invite everyone to come by and join our little world. To take part in contests you must join our mailing list by sending us an email. You can find our email address in the info section of Bookies. I am so honored that all these wonderful readers have welcomed me into their lives. I’ve met some great individuals and hope to meet more. You can find us at

~ Beccie Weaver, founder of Bookies

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