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Freedom Giveaway Hop – A Huge Blogging Event

July 4, 2011

Have you heard of the Freedom Giveaway Hop, cohosted by Simply Stacie and  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer? If you haven’t, you should definitely check it out since they have hundreds book bloggers participating and celebrating the 4th of July and Canada Day. The events are running from July 1-7, 2011, and lots of great gifts are being given away. It’s a great example of bloggers working together to promote each other and to connect with readers.

Here’s a list of participating bloggers (that I copied from  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer)

1. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Int) | Visit blog
2. Simply Stacie (Int) | Visit blog
3. It May Not Be Easy But It Sure Is Worth It (US) | Visit blog
4. Marcia Lynn McClure Fans (US) | Visit blog
5. Truly Bookish (US) | Visit blog
6. One A Day YA (Int) | Visit blog
7. Miranda Hardy (US) | Visit blog
8. A. G. Wright (US) | Visit blog
9. Energizer Bunnys Mommy Reports (US) | Visit blog
10. Taming the Bookshelf (INT) | Visit blog
11. Acting Balanced – (Int) | Visit blog
12. Reflections of a Bookaholic (Int) | Visit blog
13. Makobi Scribe (Int) | Visit blog
14. Lindas Lunacy (US) | Visit blog
15. Marias Space (US) | Visit blog
16. Confessions of a Bookaholic (Int) | Visit blog
17. Still Blonde after all these YEARS!(US) | Visit blog
18. The Flashlight Reader (US/Can) | Visit blog
19. Workaday Reads (Int) | Visit blog
20. Musings From The Slush Pile (US) | Visit blog
21. StuckInBooks (Int) | Visit blog
22. Lisas Loves (Books of Course) (Int) | Visit blog
23. Time 4 Mommy (US/Can) | Visit blog
24. Pretty Opinionated (Int) | Visit blog
25. Real Mom Reviews (US/Can) | Visit blog
26. LindsayWrites (US) | Visit blog
27. Reading Challenged (US/Can) | Visit blog
28. Our Family World (US/Can) | Visit blog
29. Married to a Geek (US) | Visit blog
30. So Many Books. . So Little Time (US) | Visit blog
31. Aprils Lifestyle Show (US) | Visit blog
32. Book Twirps (US) | Visit blog
33. Simple Wyrdings(Int) | Visit blog
34, Little Sprout Growing (US/Can) | Visit blog
35. Matter of Cents (Int) | Visit blog
36.A Glimpse Of Beautiful (US/Can) | Visit blog
37. Tifferz Book Review (US) | Visit blog
38. Bitten Books (Int) | Visit blog
39. Keith B. Darrell (US) | Visit blog
40. Cuzinlogic (Int) | Visit blog
41. Beverly @ The Wormhole (Int) | Visit blog
42. Nicki J Markus (Int) | Visit blog
43. lauriehere reading and writing reviews (US) | Visit blog
44. Books, Books, The Magical Fruit (US) | Visit blog
45. At Your Fingertips (Int) | Visit blog
46. The Readers Suite (Int) | Visit blog
47. My Book Retreat (US/Can) | Visit blog
48. Keenly Kristin (US) | Visit blog
49. Sweeping Me (Int) | Visit blog
50. The British Are Coming, Yall! (US) | Visit blog
51. Rex Robot Reviews (US) | Visit blog
52. Mysteriousbooks (Int) | Visit blog
53. SpadesHighReads (Int) | Visit blog
54. Reading, Writing, and the World of Words (Int) | Visit blog
55. For What Its Worth (Int) | Visit blog
56. Bookworm Lisa (Int) | Visit blog
57. Misty Moncur (US) | Visit blog
58. Imaginary Reads (Int) | Visit blog
59. Dr. Stravagantes Traveling Book Circus (Int) | Visit blog
60. Style n Decor Deals (US/Can) | Visit blog
61. Scarlet Kiras Blog (US/Can) | Visit blog
62. Pretty Deadly Reviews (Int) | Visit blog
63. Mom Always Finds Out (US/Can) | Visit blog
64. A Family Friendly Blog (Int) | Visit blog
65. JDP NEWS (US) | Visit blog
66. The Rest Is Still Unwritten (Int) | Visit blog
67. Happy Little Homemaker (US) | Visit blog
68.Semisweet YA Book Blog (Int) | Visit blog
69.darkangel88 (US/Can) | Visit blog
70.AmethystDaydreams (US/Can) | Visit blog
71.BookHounds (Int) | Visit blog
72.BookHounds FY (adult) (Int) | Visit blog
73.Reading With Bakin_Goddess (US) | Visit blog
74.Helen Smith (int) | Visit blog
75.The Book Nympho (US) | Visit blog
76.Lori Calabrese Writes (US/Can) | Visit blog
77.Cicis Theories (US/Can) | Visit blog
78.Practical Frugality (Int) | Visit blog
79.A Casual Readers Blog (Int) | Visit blog
80.icefairys Treasure Chest (US) | Visit blog
81.Loris Reading Corner (US) | Visit blog
82.Attack of the Book! (Int) | Visit blog
83.Lady and The Books (Int) | Visit blog
84.One Book Shy of a Full Shelf (Int) | Visit blog
85.The Readers Suite (US) | Visit blog
86.Mina Burrows – books for paranormal & mystic minds (US) | Visit blog
87.Livingston Hall Publishers (Int) | Visit blog
88.24/7 Book Cafe (Int) | Visit blog
89.Backseat Writer (Int) | Visit blog
90.The Flashlight Reader (US) | Visit blog
91.Sassy Mama in LA (US) | Visit blog
92.The Literary Imaginarium (Int) | Visit blog
93.Gabrielle Carolina @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf (US) | Visit blog
94.Love and Money by Feng Shui (Int) | Visit blog
95.ohmygoshbeck! (US) | Visit blog
96.Dr. A. Nyland (Int) | Visit blog
97.Hedgeland (Int) | Visit blog
98.Tales From the Nursery (US/Can) | Visit blog
99.All-Consuming Books (US) | Visit blog
100.Frequent Reader, Infrequent Blogger (Int) | Visit blog
101.Read for your future (Int) | Visit blog
102.The Book Butterfly (US) | Visit blog
103.Brooke-Reports (US) | Visit blog
104.Invitation Consultants Blog (US) | Visit blog
105.Red Hot Books (Int) | Visit blog
106.Jamies Precious Peas (US/Can) | Visit blog
107.Letters Inside Out – YA (Int) | Visit blog
108.Sara York (Int) | Visit blog
109.Sara Thacker (Int) | Visit blog
110.Avalon Cat Cartoons (Int) | Visit blog
111.She Known As Jess BlogSpot (Int) | Visit blog
112.Live To Read ~Krystal (US) | Visit blog
113.Tethered Mommy (US) | Visit blog
114.Joan Holub – Goddess Girls (US) | Visit blog
115.Coffee & Romance, a book blog (US) | Visit blog
116.Books R Us (Int) | Visit blog
117.the bookish mama (US) | Visit blog
118.A Foodie Bibliophile in Wanderlust (US) | Visit blog
119.The Tween & Me (US) | Visit blog
120.Vampyre Kisses (US) | Visit blog
121.Throwing Books (US) | Visit blog
122.Happy Homemaker Reviews (US/Can) | Visit blog
123.Shameless Romance Reviews (US) | Visit blog
124.Nancy @ Amusing Reviews (US) | Visit blog
125.Dreams about writing (Int) | Visit blog
126.Secret of the Stars (Int) | Visit blog
127.Back Of The Book Reviews (Int) | Visit blog
128.Genre Reviews (US) | Visit blog
129.Bibliosaurus Text (US/Can) | Visit blog
130.Ella Bella Reviews (Int) | Visit blog
131.The Deadly Dose (Int) | Visit blog
132.Kristis Book Nook (US) | Visit blog
133.My Life With Books | Visit blog
134.Paranormal Romance & Romantic Suspense Bestseller Caridad Pineiro (US) | Visit blog
135.IngaSilbergBooks (Int) | Visit blog
136.To Read, Perchance to Dream (Int) | Visit blog
137.A Little Hope. . . Amidst the Chaos (Int) | Visit blog
138.Preternatural Primer (Int) | Visit blog
139.The Irish Banana Review (US) | Visit blog
140.Lauren Gets Literal (US) | Visit blog
141.Urban Girl Reader (Int) | Visit blog
142.Minding Spot (US) | Visit blog
143.Under The Covers Book Blog (Int) | Visit blog
144.Kid Lit Frenzy (US) | Visit blog
145.Rats and More (Int) | Visit blog
146.Secrets of a Book Lover (US) | Visit blog
147.I Read Banned Books (US) | Visit blog
148.The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy (US) | Visit blog
149.Books4Learning (US) | Visit blog
150.Storyweaver (US) | Visit blog
151.A Mile High Pile of Books (US) | Visit blog
152.Reading Lark (US/Can) | Visit blog
153.Heartosaurus. com (US) | Visit blog
154.The Official Fan Site of Author Benjamin J. Carey (US) | Visit blog
155.My Devotional Thoughts (Int) | Visit blog
156.Unabridged Andra (US) | Visit blog
157.Getting Your Read On (Int) | Visit blog
158.MyLadyWeb Womens History & Women Authors (Int) | Visit blog
159.By The Book (US) | Visit blog
160.Dystopian Desserts (US) | Visit blog
161.Darlenes Book Nook (Int) | Visit blog
162.Great Imaginations Book Reviews (US) | Visit blog
163.Family Literacy and You (US) | Visit blog
164.In The Next Room (US/Can) | Visit blog
165.Live it like you mean it! (Int) | Visit blog
166.Three Boys and an Old Lady (US) | Visit blog
167.Mom in Training (US) | Visit blog
168.Read This Instead (US) | Visit blog
169.MG/YA Fantasy Author Rebecca Ryals Russell (US) | Visit blog
170.Bookladys Booknotes (US) | Visit blog
171.That Teen Can Blog! (US) | Visit blog
172.Sharons Garden of Book Reviews (US) | Visit blog
173.On Writing and the Brain (US) | Visit blog
174.Cedar Fort Publishing (US) | Visit blog
175.The Musings of a Book Addict (US) | Visit blog
176.Jagged Edge Reviews (Int) | Visit blog
177.Ley Mesinas Blog (US) | Visit blog
178.The Guardian Legacy (Int) | Visit blog
179.The Book Project (US) | Visit blog
180.Piedmont Island Trilogy (US) | Visit blog
181.Gikki Nikki (US) | Visit blog
182.Tami Brothers – Live, Love, Write (US) | Visit blog
183.Pam Asberry (US) | Visit blog
184.The Book Monsters (US) | Visit blog
185.Getting Naughty Between the Stacks (US) | Visit blog
186.Book Him Danno (US) | Visit blog
187.Notes from Jennies Desk (US) | Visit blog
188.The Write Path (US) | Visit blog
189.Bumps in the Road (US) | Visit blog
190.Clover Hill Book Reviews (UK only) | Visit blog
191.Dollycass Thoughts (US) | Visit blog
192.Pimpin Reads (Int) | Visit blog
193.M L Rudolph, Facing the Son, A Novel of Africa (US) | Visit blog
194.Brag All About It! (US/Can) | Visit blog
195.Book Lover and Procrastinator (US) | Visit blog
196.The Caffeinated Reader (Int) | Visit blog
197.iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books (US) | Visit blog
198.Reading Between the Wines (Int) | Visit blog
199.Formula Mom (US) | Visit blog
200.GH&MCs (US) | Visit blog
201.But What Are They Eating (US) | Visit blog
202.Clean Romance Reviews (Int) | Visit blog
203.Id Rather Be Reading At The Beach (US) | Visit blog
204.Illusions – Lorhainne Eckhart (Int) | Visit blog
205.Words May Kill You (US) | Visit blog
206.Dearest Dreams (Int) | Visit blog
207.Shelf Confessions (US) | Visit blog
208.NekoKnits (US) | Visit blog
209.Peace from Pieces (Int) | Visit blog
210.A Thousand Wrongs (US) | Visit blog
211.Read Now, Sleep Later (US/Can) | Visit blog
212.Totally Temberton (US) | Visit blog
213.ReaderGirls (Int) | Visit blog
214.Free & Frugal Mommy of One (Int) | Visit blog
215.The Shopping Duck (Int) | Visit blog
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