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Getting to know the Book Bloggers: Come Meet Bookies

September 11, 2011

The Book Bloggers Association is featuring posts from book bloggers, enabling us to get to know each other better, to share our stories, and to talk about what we’re doing. To this end, we invite guest bloggers to tell us about themselves and their blogs. Today’s post features Beccie Weaver, founder of Bookies.


I started my blog Bookies as a hobby to share my love of reading. I honestly figured I would just be recommending books to my family and friends but it has grown so far beyond my imagination that it often leaves me speechless. With over 1,350 followers, Bookies has become my obsession and it gives me a sense of pride.

I followed a few book blogs and book pages on facebook but they were all geared to a certain genre and I wanted recommendations from the whole scope of literature. One day in January of 2011, I sat down at my computer and created Bookies on facebook. I recommend books from all genres as well as suggest books that my fans have recommended. I also give them their props if they have recommended a book and I share it. I feel they deserve the credit since I wouldn’t have thought of most of the books without them. I took a shot at writing reviews and they’ve been received well by the fans. They seem to like that I share my honest opinions. We also do contests periodically, with donations from some well known and new authors.

I invite everyone to come by and join our little world. To take part in contests you must join our mailing list by sending us an email. You can find our email address in the info section of Bookies. I am so honored that all these wonderful readers have welcomed me into their lives. I’ve met some great individuals and hope to meet more. You can find us at

~ Beccie Weaver, founder of Bookies


ASK THE BLOGGERS: What has been your favorite book blog event?

July 12, 2011

One of the goals of the BBA is to bring book bloggers together and to share our knowledge with each other. Therefore, we created a new series  called “Ask the Bloggers” in which we ask questions and solicit answers from the book blogging community. It turns out that Emily’s Reading Room has been running a similar series called the Blogger Confidential for quite awhile, and doing a great job with it!

Since we don’t want to duplicate what Emily has been doing, the BBA will make this the last Ask The Bloggers post and will switch to promoting Emily’s Blogger Confidential. We’ll also be adding a link to the Blogger Confidential to our Resources page so that you can stay up to day. In the meantime, once you’ve finished reading this final set of Ask the Blogger answers, please visit Emily’s Blogger Confidential. We think you’re going to love it!

What has been your favorite book blog event? What was it about that event that you like so much?

My favorite event is one that we held on Eve’s Fan Garden. We recently ran a week long summer chat series, Camp Eve. For seven days, we had camp themed events on the blog. As Donna Hale said, we are participating in the Story Siren’s Debut Author Challenge. We have connected with quite a few 2011 Debut Authors or “Elevensies” as many of them refer to themselves.  We set aside a day to “initiate” these new “campers”. We asked them 5 questions – some silly “Bacon or cupcake?”, some serious “What did you do when you found out your book was going to be published?” We had responses from over 2 dozen debut authors. Their responses gave us an insight into their personalities and we really got to know them. Some answers were truly touching. Clete Barrett Smith said his favorite word was “Daddy”, because every time he hears it he falls a little more in love with his kids. A few were a little scary. Two authors chose “defenestration” as their favorite word. This word means ” throwing of a person or thing out of a window”. What does this say about writing as a profession, that it induces such violent thoughts? LOL

We set up the interviews to publish every half hour during the day. It was a lot of fun – it felt like every time you refreshed the page there was a new interview. The authors themselves were involved – commenting on each other’s interviews. I felt like it it was a very successful way to get to know these up and coming authors. We’re hoping to make Camp Eve an annual event. So, all you 2012 Debut Authors out there – be prepared for camp initiation! – Maryanne Reilly Hipple, Eve’s Fan Garden

My favorite event would have been during the first BIG giveaways I did when Bookies reached 500 fans. Author Darynda Jones had donated a copy of her book “First Grave on the Right” and I had my fans use their creativity to enter. They had to photograph their favorite pair of shoes in a creative setting and get people to vote on their photo. It was so intense for me, I was sitting at my computer just watching the race between the top 4 fans. I almost didn’t get any sleep that day. It was so much fun and I think my best contest to date. – Beccie Weaver, Bookies

One of my favorite ones I’ve seen was done by Bitten By Paranormal Romance (I think) they interviewed many authors on what they liked and disliked about review blogs. It was very informative. – Sharon Stogner, I Smell Sheep

One of my favorite events is the Debut Author Challenge on The Story Siren’s page. The year-long event is incredibly organized! All the debut authors are listed by release month on a spreadsheet. The rules of the challenge are clearly posted. Just an all around great event. I am not officially participating, but other people from our blog Eve’s Fan Garden are and I am really excited to be following their progress! Unofficially, I am challenging myself to see if I can meet the expectation of reading 12 debut authors in one year and tracking my progress on my own GoodReads page. Maybe next year I will be brave enough to officially enter.

From our own blog, Eve’s Fan Garden, I would have to say my favorite event was the Midsummer Night’s Chat series we held the summer EFG started. We had a week long series of chats, guest blog posts from authors, and contests and giveaways. It was a lot of work preparing and organizing every little detail prior to the event, but by far it drew the most attention to the site than anything we have done since then. The chats were out of this world! We had so many amazing authors on our panel! The guest blog posts were outstanding! I enjoyed reading each and every one of them. And the swag we were able to give away was out of this world. It was an awesome way to launch our site and get the word out about what we stand for and EFG and who we are. It was a blast! – Donna Hale, Eve’s Fan Garden

Freedom Giveaway Hop – A Huge Blogging Event

July 4, 2011

Have you heard of the Freedom Giveaway Hop, cohosted by Simply Stacie and  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer? If you haven’t, you should definitely check it out since they have hundreds book bloggers participating and celebrating the 4th of July and Canada Day. The events are running from July 1-7, 2011, and lots of great gifts are being given away. It’s a great example of bloggers working together to promote each other and to connect with readers.

Here’s a list of participating bloggers (that I copied from  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer)

1. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Int) | Visit blog
2. Simply Stacie (Int) | Visit blog
3. It May Not Be Easy But It Sure Is Worth It (US) | Visit blog
4. Marcia Lynn McClure Fans (US) | Visit blog
5. Truly Bookish (US) | Visit blog
6. One A Day YA (Int) | Visit blog
7. Miranda Hardy (US) | Visit blog
8. A. G. Wright (US) | Visit blog
9. Energizer Bunnys Mommy Reports (US) | Visit blog
10. Taming the Bookshelf (INT) | Visit blog
11. Acting Balanced – (Int) | Visit blog
12. Reflections of a Bookaholic (Int) | Visit blog
13. Makobi Scribe (Int) | Visit blog
14. Lindas Lunacy (US) | Visit blog
15. Marias Space (US) | Visit blog
16. Confessions of a Bookaholic (Int) | Visit blog
17. Still Blonde after all these YEARS!(US) | Visit blog
18. The Flashlight Reader (US/Can) | Visit blog
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20. Musings From The Slush Pile (US) | Visit blog
21. StuckInBooks (Int) | Visit blog
22. Lisas Loves (Books of Course) (Int) | Visit blog
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24. Pretty Opinionated (Int) | Visit blog
25. Real Mom Reviews (US/Can) | Visit blog
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ASK THE BLOGGERS: Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently when setting up your book blog?

June 28, 2011

One of the goals of the BBA is to help bloggers help each other by providing helpful advice on various topics pertaining to book blogging. So, we’ve started a band new series of posts called “Ask the Bloggers” in which we ask questions that range from seeking advice to just having fun with literature, and solicit answers from the blogging community. If you’d like to participate, new questions will be posted on the BBA’s Facebook page with directions on where to send your answers. Without further ado, we would like to introduce our very first “Ask the Bloggers” question. Special thanks to our participating bloggers!

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently when setting up your book blog?

I wouldn’t have been so shy! I looked at authors like these major celebrities instead of very accessible people who actually wanted to talk to me and to be featured on my blog. My first interview was with on of my favorite authors. I still remember being so excited when he said yes, I was dancing around the house like I’d just won tickets to a big rock concert. Almost three years later, we still talk nearly every week. – Arya Smith, Sea of Pages


I don’t think I would have done anything differently.  I started the blog for friends who wanted to hear about what I was reading.  It grew to be a little bit more than that but I am happy with it.  It is a hobby and I love it that people come and visit! – Amber, Amberkatze’s Book Blog


Well, I’ve never really had any problems with my page, I think Facebook pages are so much simpler than blog pages.  One thing I would have done differently was NOT trying to be sneaky about who I was as the owner.  I would go to different pages and say, “Please join my friend’s page” as opposed to just saying that I had started a page and needed some followers.  When I started there weren’t a lot of pages dedicated to books on Facebook so I thought that others from those pages wouldn’t be as helpful, but as time has gone on and more and more pages are popping up, I see the response they get simply by asking others to spread the word.  That’s the one thing I would have changed. – Beccie, Bookies on Facebook


If I were to redo my blog, I would organize it before I started adding stuff. It gets kind of confusing and there is a lot of stuff that you can put on there. I also would have researched a little more about my options so I could get everything put on there correctly.  😀 – Leagh Christensen, Romance Book Craze


I wish the I would have done a little more research on how the features of my blog worked. While I knew how to use WordPress, I didn’t fully understand the functionality of the widgets or how they could be used. I am just beginning to use them now, and it amazes me how many times I could have put them to use in the past. The one thing that really has worked well for me is  that I put together Underwords with the sole intent of publishing content that I would want to read. Then I charged forward with the belief that other people would want to read it too. – Erin Underwood, Underwords

YA in Bloom – A New Author Event

June 17, 2011

Alethea Allarey from the book blog Read Now, Sleep Later has put together a terrific new event called YA in Bloom, which is sure to be a hit. She graciously agreed to a short interview to help explain what YA in Bloom is all about and the planning that has gone into the event.

What is YA in Bloom?

It’s a combination luncheon, literacy meeting, and networking event for YA book lovers. It’s Bridge to Books’s–our literacy group’s–kickoff event, sort of a prototype for events we’d like to host in the future. It takes place in Pasadena at Vroman’s Bookstore, on Saturday, June 25 between 1 and 4 pm.

What inspired the idea for YA in Bloom?

Well, my friend Alyson Beecher and I love to go to author signings and book events, but most of them are structured so that we get almost no time to meet and greet our fellow book lovers. We attended a huge convention and got most of our friends to go–but spent so much time standing in line or being quiet during speeches–so we wanted to plan an event where the whole point is to hang out and visit with your book people. We thought about how the YA genre is blossoming right now, and how that would be a great focus for our first meeting–hence the name and theme of our event!

Putting together an event like seems like quite a challenge. What has pleasantly surprised you about the process?

We were initially worried that what sounded like fun to us might not sound interesting at all to others. We took a poll of potential attendees, crunched some numbers, and put our ideas out there. The surprise was, other people were excited about it too! We’ve had a lot of support from bloggers, authors, teachers, and librarians–even if they can’t make it to the event this time. We’re excited that some of our favorite authors will be attending, including Nancy Holder, Cindy Pon, and Lisa Yee!

The authors and publishers have been really generous with us too–especially Flux Books, Simon & Schuster, Random House, and others who have provided raffle items. Nancy Holder is raffling off a whole set of her books! Our jaws dropped when we read that email. We’ll be updating our blog at with the names and links for all the other great people and companies contributing to the event.

What experience do you see as your most significant “lesson learned?”

I don’t know if I can answer this one yet–ask me after the event!

What is your vision for YA in Bloom? Where do you see it a year or two down the road?

I’m seeing it as an annual, maybe twice-a-year event. I am already looking forward to future ones, and the first hasn’t even happened yet! We’re definitely driven by three core things: people, books, and food 🙂 All good things! I don’t see it as being such a big event–it’s definitely something we want to keep low-key so people can relax, make friends, and form real connections. We’ll be doing some spin-off events for younger readers as well, and development workshops for educators and parents.

When did you start reading? Who were some of the authors that most influenced you?

Oh my. I started reading when I was three. I woke my mom one morning with some random facts about moths, read from the children’s section of the weekend Straits Times (we were living in Singapore). I love so many authors… it’s so difficult to choose! When I was 10, I was all about Agatha Christie (I’d exhausted all of the juvenile mysteries in my school library by then). When I was 15 I just about idolized Lewis Carroll and P.G. Wodehouse. I went through a huge sci-fi/fantasy kick, which continues to this day, and those authors are just too numerous to name!

If I had to pick a single author right now, whose every book and short story I read ravenously, it would have to be Maria V. Snyder. It’s almost like she has a direct link into my brain… What would Alethea like to read next? And that’s precisely what she writes.

Is it an open event? In other words, can anyone attend or are there restrictions of some kind?

Well, not having an unlimited supply of money (we wish we did!), our group had to raise some cash to buy food and materials for the event, so lunch tickets are $12.50. Crashers can come by, certainly–all YA book lovers are welcome to participate! We’ll be meeting in a public place after all. However, only ticketed attendees will receive lunch, freebies and raffle tickets. We’d love to be able to bring the attendee costs down for future events, but that’s all a-ways down the road right now.

What can a person who signs up to attend YA in Bloom expect from attending the event?

Our main goal is to connect people. There are so many differences between us, but we can connect over books. YA in Bloom’s attendees include teens and adults, students and educators, school and public librarians, book sellers and book buyers, published and unpublished authors–and we have so many different perspectives to share! I know I’ve learned so much from Alyson (who is a school principal) about education and literacy, while she’s learned about aspects of the book industry and technology from me. We want to keep sharing information and teach others to do the same!

Attendees can expect a fun book-centric program, lots of giveaways, tasty food and best of all, great people.

On the website, you mention that there may be other events in the future. Will they all be in the Los Angeles area? Is there any chance that you’ll spread out to other locations, other states, or even go online?

For now, we can’t really see how far we can go with this. We’re definitely planning events for younger readers, and the next YA event will be within the next 6 months. We’d also love to be able to teach others all over the country how they can help encourage kids to read, and seek out those resources that might be hiding in plain sight. For now, though, we’re focusing on our own neighborhood. We’re working on some outreach, and our next big step will be online. So while we like to dream big (today Los Angeles, tomorrow, the World!) we’re taking a few baby steps to get started.

How can people help to support YA in Bloom? What about the people who can’t attend, but who want to help in some way?

Anyone who has a blog or twitter feed can post something about the event! The main event page is at, including links to further updates, purchasing tickets, and notification lists. Donations can also be made to our nonprofit partner, Book by Book. ( We’re also looking for people who want to share their ideas about literacy and getting people excited about reading–those folks can contact us via email!

Where can people go to learn more about YA in Bloom and Bridge to Books?

Our blog can be found at, on Facebook ( and they can contact us at for more information.

This interview has been cross-posted from UNDERWORDS – the popular fiction literary book blog.


June 13, 2011

Welcome to the Book Bloggers Association’s new website, which is currently under construction.

We plan to keep the site live while under construction So, you’ll be seeing it grow before your eyes, and you’ll have the opportunity to offer input, which will enable us to create a stronger and more robust site.

Thank you for visiting us. Be sure to check back soon as changes will be coming.